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Techpol Srl has + 40 years of experience in business and is a leading company in the design and injection moulding of thermoplastics to produce parts used in the automotive, electrotechnical, and fitness industries, to name a few.
Thanks to continued investments into innovation, R&D, and in enhancing the skills of our workforce, we have been able to implement a production process that has become increasingly technology-based and high precision.

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Production areas


Zona industriale P.I.P. Loc. S.Amico
60030 Morro D'Alba (An)

Viale del Lavoro, 10
60030 San Marcello (An)

Czech Republic

Jižní Předmĕstí 2936 PSČ 301 00 Areál Škoda Plzeň 3



(+39) 0731 618311

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